Paid Traffic Inutility.

Are you thinking to buy traffic outright? Now i want to discuss it with you the disadvantages of paid traffic.Paid supported traffic is 99% scam.Really there is a 1% variable in there somewhere,
however, statistics show that if you force users to view your website (usually through
black-handed techniques like URL hijacking, malware installations, pop up ads and the
works), they are NOT going to be the least bit interested in what you have to offer.
Unfortunately, this is what most paid traffic sites give you.
You can also take the commercial traffic approach and blindly advertise your website
with local signage, TV/movie commercials, print publications, radio spots or even
banner ads on a major search engine. True, you will get guaranteed views…but there is
no telling whether you will connect with your audience.
The best way to market your website is through text related content (or SEO, to
generalize a term), because this means targeted advertising. You only interact with
traffic that admits to being interested in your products or services. Statistically, this is a
no brainer. You are directly connecting with your best audience. All that matters now is
the presentation.

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